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Caption-A-Card #3: UD Choice Rob Fick RC

Guess where this has been.
- Justin H

- Jeff Novell

Ya know I'm legit. Ya know why? Cuz I'm from da streets. Word to yo mutha's uncle.
- Chris Harris

"Hey Bevis, smell my finger."
- Dan Aliperto

"Rob was caught by our camera practicing his bullpen phone answering techniques."
- Rattlehead

"My name is just one little letter away from being Rob F*ck."

"Everyone should realize that I am the greatest 1b/C in the majors today"
- Thomas

"Look everyone, I'm gangsta, just like Poop Doggy Dogg and 6Pac"
- 2 Def M.D.

"Rob gets ready to do his Dr. Evil impersonation"
- Ralph

"And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home"
- Brad the Aussie

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